Answers to Parent’s Commonly Asked Questions

How does my son/daughter schedule an appointment to tour an apartment that he/she is interested in?+

You are welcome to contact our office at 812-235-9353 to schedule an appointment to tour the apartment(s). Our office hours are Mon-Friday 8am to 4:30 pm. We normally schedule our apartment showings from 10:00am to 3:30pm

What is the application procedure? What do I have to pay when submitting my daughter/son’s application?+

You can fill out an application at our office at 805 South 6th Street, Terre Haute Indiana 47807 for the apartment you would like to apply for. There is a $25 Application fee due upon the time your application is turned in. We do require a background/credit check for anyone that will be living in the apartment. Once the application is approved by management, the student can pay the deposit, sign the lease and hold the apartment until move in. Please bring your driver’s license with you to the appointment.

How much is required for a Deposit?+

The Deposit is due the day that your son/daughter signs the lease for the apartment they applied for. You or your son/daughter can pay the deposit in full on the day of the lease signing, or you can pay half of the deposit, and the other half is due within two weeks from the day the lease was signed. The amount of the deposit is the equivalent of the monthly rent of the apartment your son/daughter is applying for.

Can my daughter/son use financial aid to pay for housing+

Yes, you can speak with your daughter/son’s school when applying for financial aid and let them know that he/she will need funds for living expenses. If your son/daughter is waiting on their financial aid to pay rent, they will need to provide our office with a financial aid statement (Can be found on their student portal from the school) as proof of acceptance for financial aid before any late fees accrue to their account. As a courtesy, if they provide our office with proof of financial aid awarded, we will put a hold on the late fees so late fees don’t keep accruing to their account. Each Fall and Spring we set a general date when financial aid is expected to come in. Once the financial aid comes in, the balance on their account needs to be paid in full. If the student fails to pay rent after our courtesy financial aid program date has passed and the balance is not paid in full when the financial aid comes in, the late fees will be added back to their account balance. Since financial aid is typically paid to students directly, the student needs to coordinate how the funds get from the school, their account, or other third parties to pay for their rent.

How is the check-in procedure?+

We do our very best every year to make every move in season as smooth as possible. As soon as we have the key to your son/daughter’s apartment, we will notify them that the apartment is ready, and we will coordinate a time for them to come pick up their key from our office.

When is rent due and how do I or my son/daughter pay rent? What methods of payment are accepted?+

Rent is due on the 1st day of every month, we do provide a 5-day grace period.

We provide 3 ways of making a payment:

a.) Online Tenant Portal System
We use an online tenant portal payment system. This system is mobile friendly and offers our tenants the options to pay 1-time payments or set up monthly payments, as well as offers the ability to prepay. This system accepts credit cards (this option charges a service fee) and has an e-check option (no service fee charged) available for payments

b.) Payments Accepted in Office
Our office is conveniently located within the Farrington Grove Historic Neighborhood Near Our Apartments. Tenants/Parents are welcome to make a payment in our office. Payments accepted in office are checks, money orders, cashier’s check, or exact cash

c.) 24-Hour After Hours Drop Box
If the office is closed and our tenants need to make a payment, we have an after-hours locked drop box available at our office, envelopes are also provided. We understand that our tenants may be in school, at work, out of town when the rent is due, so we try to make paying rent more convenient for our tenants.

Are there late fees if rent is not paid on time?+

Rent is due on the 1st day of every month, we have a 5-day grace period. On the 6th at 9am is when our computer system takes over if the balance is not at $0.00, it automatically charges a $25 initial late fee, and $5.00 per day after the 6th until the balance is at $0.00.

Do you allow pets?+

We do not allow dogs. Tenants are allowed to have a cat (maximum of 3 cats). To have a cat, you are required to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit and $25 per month for a pet rent.

Are there laundry areas onsite or nearby?+

Yes. Some of our apartment buildings have convenient tenant laundry areas onsite, and other apartments have a convenient tenant laundry area within walking distance to their apartment.

What are the parking options?+

Most of Our apartments have on and off-street parking (We do not charge a parking fee for on or off-street parking). Some of our apartments have only on street parking available

Is the Apartment Furnished?+

The apartment is not furnished so your daughter/son can decorate the apartment with their own furniture and their own unique style.

Are there any utilities I don’t have to pay for?+

In most cases, the property owner pays the water, sewage, and trash utilities. The tenant is responsible for the electric, gas and internet utilities. Some of our apartments only have an electric service and some have both electric and gas utilities. In some of our rental homes we require the tenant to pay all utilities.

What does my son/daughter do if they have a maintenance request?+

If the request is during office hours, they are welcome to call the office, or use the tenant portal to make a maintenance request. If there is an emergency and the office is closed, we provide our tenants with an emergency maintenance phone number to call in case of a maintenance emergency.

Are the apartments close to ISU Campus?+

Yes, all of our apartments are within walking distance to ISU campus and downtown Terre Haute.

Is the tenant responsible for mowing or does Red Brick take care of the mowing?+

If you are a tenant in one of our apartments, Red Brick takes care of mowing the yards. If you live in one of our country homes, the tenant is responsible for lawn maintenance.

Do I have to be a student to rent from Red Brick?+

No, although many of our buildings are in the heart of the college district, we are always open to accepting applications from those interested in staying with Red Brick!